Paraland Services overview

Repair Department- Providing pickup and delivery service to the entire southwest Michigan area

We repair a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial equipment.

Paraland repair services
Stereo rack Record players

Audio Devices

Stereos, Amps, Portables, record players, etc.

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Musical Equipment

Vintage Recording equipment, Mixers, Amps, Heads, Effects, Cabs, etc.

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Computer Equipment

Towers, Laptops, Monitors, etc.

Full service virus removal, data recovery, hardware diagnostics and upgrades.

 Service charges and fees...

  • $30 - $45 deposit: non-refundable
    pays for quoting the cost of repairs
  • If you agree to the quote, the deposit is applied towards the repair charges
  • Labor charges are calculated by the job unless it is an on-site service call
  • Parts cost is included in the quote unless otherwise stated
  • Shipping charges, if any, are quoted separately
  • There may be a pick-up and delivery charge outside the Kalamazoo area- Call for quote

Engineering Department- Providing small to medium analog and digital circuit development
to clients all over the world

Circuit Design

We provide a source for developing your ideas into reality. Many concepts die early because of the huge start-up costs in the first developmental stages. Paraland is committed to serving you offering affordable design development making it possible to see your idea become a reality. Since all jobs are different, and at times there are special circumstances where discounts are warranted, we ask that you allow us to quote you a price. We have developed circuits for as little as a few hundred dollars. So please assume we will cut you a great deal and give us a call or contact us.

Analog, digital and mixed design capabilities

With well over 30 years experience developing products, as it says in the heading, we design both in the analog and digital fields providing you with a wide variety of engineering possibilities.

Concept to schematic

Let us take your concept and create a schematic of your idea. We do all the research for you, and develop a solution which best fits your needs.

Schematic to prototype

Our department will take the schematic and test out the circuit for you, creating a prototype that proves the design.

Prototype to Finished Product

We will create your circuit board that will be fully functional, mirroring the product once manufactured.

Our Circuit design department is fully capable of producing single or double-sided boards populated with through-hole, surface mount, and micro-surface-mount components, all in-house. We can even do small full production runs of under 1000 pieces. So, whether you just need one final circuit or 1000 manufactured, Paraland will be there to serve you.

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