All members of the Paraland Organization are extremely gifted adults.

Some of us are quite eccentric while others come from all parts of the globe. There have been times when we questioned if some of us actually were born on this planet, but then again... we accept each other without taking ourselves too seriously. The Paraland Organization is committed to serving such talent for the benefit of mankind. Paraland views humanity as a whole with all people as a diversified source for talent which in many cases is dampened by the problem of social disjointedness. We protect our member´s identity where requested as well. Our sole purpose is to celebrate you to the world that all may benefit from your gifts.

No one is turned down or rejected for membership on the grounds of their marked intelligence, place of birth, residence, health, physical makeup, color, race, faith, religion, creed, social ranking, legal status or past errors- if we missed something help us add it!

Everyone is welcomed to apply for free membership. Here is how you qualify:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to join, but may be as old as dirt to apply. There are currently no exceptions to this rule due to liability. This may change in the future, but for now it is our strict policy.

  2. You must have at least three mastered talents, those in which you excel at, but only one of those “gifts” need be marketable- the rest may be published as ideas or showcased as talent on the website. We will help you determine eligibility.

  3. You must submit your request through our registration page in order for us to review your bio. Once that is done, we will contact you for an interview either by phone or Skype where possible.

We offer consulting and marketing services to all our members:

The way we grow is by helping you help the world see through your eyes, ears, hands and heart. Paraland´s goal is to bring marketing solutions to those we celebrate, that through our help they may share their gifts with the world and through it provide a source for growth and change where to do so would benefit all.

Once you are registered, we can begin helping you publish and market your ideas through our site and other growing involvements. We can´t promise you will get rich through us, but then again we would prefer it because if we are able to assist in your growth, we all benefit in the end.

This is how we pay staff, and keep the lights on to continue helping you: The Paraland Organization requests at least 10% of your earnings gained through the website or other resources supplied by us. It is a small amount that pays for maintenance and marketing investments on your behalf. Whatever you publish outside of our influence does not involve us so there would be no interest by Paraland to request a fee unless you choose to include our logo or name as part of your marketing plan.

We encourage our members to donate at least 3% of your proceeds earned through Paraland and to contribute your mind in assistance to the Marylina Foundation which is being formed now to become a world-wide charity and education entity although this is not mandatory. It is entirely up to you. Our hope is that with your gifts and talents, we may help provide for and contribute towards positive change in the world.

We encourage our members to share ideas and talents with each other freely either through our own blog page or by personal contact and meeting channels where doing so benefits all.

Paraland has few reasons for terminating a member but they must be told nevertheless.

  1. Publicly shaming or defaming any of Paraland´s staff or members. We do not tolerate negative karma, although we will do whatever possible to resolve an issue before considering termination.

  2. Defaming another member´s work of art or creation. All members are encouraged to bring out the positive influences in the work of others. Exceptions are given solely by the discretion of the creator. In other words, if the creator asks for criticism they open themselves up to whatever other members throw at them. Fair is fair.

  3. Under no circumstances are any members allowed to use profanity or threatening language towards any of its staff or members nor in any of their public blogging where the Paraland influence is present.

  4. Absolutely no pornography or extreme violent content is allowed on the Paraland website. This is an issue often challenged by artists who paint and photograph nude models or show extreme shocking content through art. Paraland reserves the right to reject such material in the best interests of the Organization, but will diligently assume artistic freedom to its fullest degree wherever possible. We don´t want to reject anything, but due to the way all society is headed, there are limitations we must all work around in order to introduce a better alternative to the problems of freedom and expression in the world.

The Paraland Organization members are not above creating paintings and creative art for such places as Nature Preserves, and helps other charity organizations wherever possible.