Current projects... it's a list.

The Marylina Foundation. There are currently four books being conceived and written that will be used for the purpose of assisting in the funding of this very special project. If you want to learn more email Dr. Lezica and he'll tell you more.

Great Lakes Video Music Festival. You can got to the site and see what this is all about. In short, it is a contest for independent musicians to create a video of their music and submit it for prises and future exposure. The venue is to be held next year in Kalamazoo Michigan, USA. Go to the site to register and learn more. We are assisting in the communication and website process. For any of you outthere entering, GOOD LUCK and we will see you at the festival!

The RogVi. For anyone that has been stumped by a weak or dead battery in their guitar, the RogVi will end that misery with purpose. Got to the site to learn more.

Argentina Expedition. A safari nto the problems of world-social disconnection and the linear degredation of poverty & hunger in South America. The goal is to formulate a full-point aproach for connecting those with gifts to the world, ending their social disjunction while becoming celebrated and productive contributors into the world socal market. For more information, email us. We will be glad to discus further what this long-term project will entail and what Dr. Fernando hopes to accomplish while there.

ArtPrize! 2013. Yup, the doctor is entering for the second time with an oil work canvas. The painting, along with others and what he has recorded in color pencil will be shown on this site in the future.

Android software.This project is still under wraps, but it will be up on the Play store by late summer 2013... we are almost ready.

Resurrection on CD. Fernando's first CD in 15 years when he worked on the Sleeper album. This CD will be a compilation of some of his orchestral work focused on the film industry along with some fo the original work done on Sleeper. The CD is due for release in the third quarter of 2014 under the Lake Street Virtual Studio logo.

Music Theory and Philosophy This book is taking time to compile but it should be well worth the wait. Dr. Fernando has been working on it for quite a few years doing all his own research. His theory on patterns and how they relate to music will be a new aproach to writing music. His goal is to provide software to apply his theories making it possible for the musical writer to gain insight into how he or she co-creates music.