Paraland and its Founder

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A Little History...

The concept of the organization was most definitely inspired from childhood by the love and support of his late mother, Marylina, who couldn't set the time on a VCR to save her life even though she was extremely intelligent and talented in many fields. Fernando was born in Argentina to an American mother who was a multi-hobbyist & fine artist, and an Argentine Father who was an engineer, race car driver, rancher, and artist himself. Fernando's grandfather was a diplomat and ambassador to Argentina in the early part of the nineteen hundreds leaving behind a small wealth and an atmosphere of diplomacy.

His cousin Hiacho Lezica, lived with the family after the tragic loss of his mother and father. Hiacho, the drummer and leader of La Joven Guardia, was an inspiration towards Fernando in music growing up in Argentina.

Marylina's willingness to provide positive energy towards Fernando while he escaped the problems of a dysfunctional atmosphere after leaving the country allowed him to explore multiple disciplines such as music, art, photography, literature, sociology; many fields in science (i.e., cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, archeology, anthropology, chemistry, electronics, botany), also exploring theology, philosophy, philanthropy, and much more. Fernando recalls his mother would stay up late on summer nights staring at the country sky contemplating the universe while talking about Einstein's laws of physics. She always provided a source of support towards all his interests.

Marylina's view of the world and the cosmos were always open for discussion. She believed in the inherent good of mankind as well. after all, for her that was a logical assumption based on her belief we are all children of the stars.

Fernando's childhood (as with many eccentric children) was full of turmoil, loss and difficult challenges after witnessing the death of his father along with many family members, leaving Argentina, family and friends behind, and experiencing many unfortunate incidences while attempting to adjust in the United States during the 1970s. Developing post-traumatic stress as a result, Fernando fragmented his mind to compensate for the emotional problems of growing up in a dysfunctional atmosphere. Although this allowed him to compartmentalize the fields he loved most- excelling at them in his adult life- it created social disjointedness among his peers.

Creating solutions envisioned for paradise...

Paraland was conceived in 1991 by Fernando after frustrations over a difficult software application convinced him to begin researching alternative solutions to user interfaces. Started as a concept for the growing problem of software illiteracy among new users (inspired by the idea all software should be banana-proof) created the concept from a vision while laying flat on his back that software should be as easy and exciting to use as living in paradise. This concept grew into all aspects of his professional career, embracing art, music, electronics, software, service, repair, consulting and in the past few years has added counseling & Charity work.

Paraland's first published project was a serial communications peripheral with accompanying software. From there, a line of free software products began to emerge in 1993. In 1995, version 1.0 of ParaStat, a CMOS & file save and recovery application was published. By 1997 the product was selling worldwide through the Paraland website. Fernando began work on a music CD and was writing database applications and websites for companies and municipalities during the 1990's.

Experiencing the loss of his first wife, three of his closest friends, family members, and a turn of unfortunate events, Fernando experienced over a decade of darkness and humility. He took this time to reflect on and learn from his past so he could focus on a healthy future. Fernando became obsessed with his questions about life's meaning and how the universe works. This lead him to eventually return to college where he obtained his doctorate in Theology and post-graduate Ph.D. on Philosophy in Religion. During this time, Fernando studied himself, counseled other men recovering from cognitive distortions & dysfunctional behavior and set a path towards building an organization and eventual Foundation that would assist adults like him express their gifts to the world. It was through those years that Fernando became aware how important it is to understand how we influence each other- and to make each day an effort to pass on positive energy toward those around him.

The Renaissance. A pirate on dry land...

Fernando came out of this time learning how not to take things for granted. Along with a renewed vision to celebrate those who are gifted eccentrics Fernando began working on a plan to become a source of inspiration and support for them... it has however, turned him into quite an eccentric individual in his own right (see photo- a pirate on dry land). There is little one would call normal about Fernando. He has mastered a number of disciplines including electronics, music, art, computer science, Theology, Philosophy and is working on multiple projects including this website. He donates part of his time doing charity work and counseling men. His hobbies include swimming, hiking, fishing, photography, camping, astronomy, archeology which he has had little time for lately. He has however found a new hobby... ice cream.

Yeah, I'm pushing fifty this year... don't feel fifty- thirty five maybe. I still have a lot to do... healing... helping... co-creating and co-existing as God taught me. I'm focused on making the last half of my life more meaningful, more creative than before, expressing my gratitude & devotion to the Source- to be more serving & humble- less hurtful & more helpful. Those who have known me for a long time see the transformation and devotion towards my goals: to provide a source of inspiration for the gifted that they may share it with the world.

I studied contemporaries like Dr. Hawkins, Diamond, Price, Dyer... it's a long list. They're all saying the same thing: like-patterns attract. This is true in all aspects of reality. We have all experienced that like-minded people attract one another. If one thinks about what can be done with that knowledge and applies it... well... it will transform your life. Christ did and He said we are capable of doing far more regardless of our past. I have faith in what He said.

Bottom line is that I don't always get it right. I make a lot of mistakes, but I get up the next day and try again. When I get it right, the benefits come back in such a big way that it always makes up for those times when I could have done better.
That is truly an inspiration for anyone who considers this path

I believe our thoughts are far more important than we have ever imagined because they don't just lead to action, but in a way we are just now beginning to understand, they also contribute towards what is attracted into our lives. The universe is a testimony to this very fact as well. Dr. Lorenz for example showed us how this phenomena expressed in weather patterns lead to the creation of weather-predictive software, the foundation for chaos theory and "the butterfly affect." Other examples are seen in every discipline.

If you know what to look for, you will find it coming towards you!
If I adjust my mind, I adjust what comes at me to a great extent.'s all in the patterns...

For me, finding inner peace where I could calm the historical monologue drowning my creativity was paramount. Finding how to listen to my own inner compass took a journey into the past and one of forgiveness to self and towards others. But it was also a journey of making ammends wherever possible. I won't lie... it was a monumental struggle at first. According to God, everyone deserves a chance to experience forgiveness and allow that Power to overcome one's pain, toxic shame, guilt & suffering... but not all are willing to give it, nor receive it. Forgiveness starts from within and is a journey of courage & solitude. Choosing it always leads to prosperity but for some the fear of what they will find is too much. For others it is not enough nor is it desired. I was granted the opportunity in the darkest time of my life... it was worth the trip- what a beautiful gift.

The additional benefit was that I could quiet my thoughts & emotions enough to see patterns in everything. This is the core of Paraland's ideology. Sharing this concept is what I'm doing now. It has brought clarity to my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

The Future for the Paraland Organization

There is no doubt, Fernando has his hands full. Just take a look at the current Projects page. His immediate task list includes completing some projects, make the Paraland site functional, and begin recruiting others like him to join the party. Our membership will be growing in the next year, so don't miss out. Join and help the cause! As Paraland moves forward it will begin to create a network of resources to assist our gifted members achieve their goals. Once that starts happening...